Rules of the SPA and Beauty Salons

Having your safety and health in mind, and striving to constantly raise the level of our services we request you get acquainted with the below rules of KANDARA parlors before using our services.

Rules of cosmetic service provision in KANDARA:

  1. The clients are obliged to get acquainted with the rules of cosmetic services provision before using the services.
  2. Please make sure you come on time. If you are to be late, please let the parlor know a day before and in unforeseeable situations, a few hours ahead. Should you come late, we cannot guarantee conducting the treatments in their full extent.
  3. The proces presented on the price list and the website are not a commercial offer and are subject to change. The amount of work and cosmetics to be used in a procedure will vary depending on the individual needs of the client. Total price of the procedure will be presented upfront.
  4. Before starting a procedure the parlor employee will conduct an interview with the client to establish their health, disease history or lifestyle, thus verifying whether there are no contraindications for the procedure and to determine the best post-treatment care.
  5. The client is obliged to inform the parlor employee of all the conditions that might pose contraindications for the cosmetic procedure, especially heart conditions, using pacemakers, cancer, severe inflammations, HIV, past jaundice, thyroid diseases, pregnancy or puerperal period, prosthetics or IUDs.
  6. The client is obliged to inform the specialist of worsening condition during the procedure.
  7. Not adhering to the regulations relieves Kandara’s responsibility for any complications that might occur after the procedure.
  8. In case of any complications or unwanted effects the client should come to the parlor personally within 24 hours since the procedure.
  9. In case of lack of certainty for the safety of the procedure, the specialist has the right to refuse conducting the procedure.
  10. There is a full smoking and alcoholic beverages ban in the whole parlor.
  11. Deciding to purchase a service in the parlor is unanimous with declaring there are no health indications for the procedure not to be conducted and that the client has gotten acquainted with and fully accepts the rules governing the parlor. Breach of these rules will result in consequences carried by the client.
  12. Hybrid manicure complaints will not be honored after 7 days since the procedure.
  13. Depilated hair should be 0,5-1,0 cm long.
  14. Elongated or thickened eyelashes complaints will not be honored after 14 days since the procedure.
  15. The parlor does not take responsibility for objects left behind by clients.
  16. Payments in the KANDARA parlors can be made by cash or by card.
  17. In the case a client has canceled a visit three times on the day of the visit, the parlor can demand a 50% downpayment for the next planned visit.
  18. Complaints and notions should be directed to the Kandara parlor manager, Zofia Piotrowska-Szymik, in person, by calling: + 48 722-065- 142, by writing to the following e-mail address: or through a letter sent to: Kandara Beauty Sp. z o.o., pl. Grunwaldzki 22, 50-363, Wrocław. Complaints presented to different employees of the parlor or through different means may not be considered.
  19. All people remaining on the premises of the parlor have to adhere to the above regulations and follow instructions of the employees.
  20. The above regulations are subject to change at the parlor’s discretion.
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