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The problem of gray skin and discolorations is common among many women. The reasons for uneven skin tone vary from person to person. We can blame hormone disorders, acne remnants, some photo-sensitive medicine or the most common factor, excessive exposition to sunlight.



Sun filters become most popular in the Summer, when we go on holidays. Many of us do not use protective filters all year long, or use filters that are simply too weak. Sun protection is important all year long because even in the colder months our skin is exposed to the harmful UV radiation. Types of skin with uneven pigmentation and prone to discoloration are especially sensitive to it. In these cases even the smallest amount of radiation can cause inflammations in the epidermis and hasten uneven pigment spreading which takes the shape of ugly spots. Effective filters combine chemical and physical filters which ensure long lasting photo-protection. The most popular SPF 50+ creams lose their power after 2 hours and start working 30 minutes after applying. It is always good to consult the creams you use with your cosmetologists.


The Kandara beauty cosmetologists recommend products from the sun line of the Spanish SKEYNDOR brand, which also you to fully enjoy the sun. The SUN EXPERTISE line products for on two levels, inside and outside and make sunbathing pleasant and safe. They contain UVA and UVB filters helping avoid solar erythema and guaranteeing full protection. The products also protect stem cells from the damaging effect of free radicals thus counteracting creation of wrinkles, sun discolorations and loss of firmness.


During the time between Spring and Summer it is not recommended to undergo strng exfoliating treatments bringing to an end the period of removing discolorations with the help of acids. Cosmetologists, however, are not left without tools for fighting uneven skin tones. Active Vitamin C is one of the ingredients that comes to the rescue. It effectively levels the skin tone, reduces sun discolorations and protects the cells from free radicals. The Vitamin C treatments are highly recommended not only for skin with pigmentation problems but also for gray and smoker skin. They are ideal for both, mature and young skin. Vitamin C illuminates the skin and restores its natural color and glow.


Kandara beauty offers the illuminating POWER C+ treatment from the Spanish SKEYNDOR brand as the answer to the needs of gray, discolored, smoker and vascular skin. The treatment starts with precise de-make up of the face, neck and cleavage to prepare the skin for absorbing the active substances from peeling. The type of peeling is picked individually according to the skin indications. The treatment uses an active vitamin C concentration of 15% and a 6% concentration of the pomegranate. These ingredients are to level the skin tone, tighten the blood vessels, and regenerate and illuminate the skin. The aloe vera based mask, used in the POWER C+ treatment has a deeply moisturizing, soothing and strengthening effect. The treatment is finished with applying a revitalizing POWER C + Crean to the face, neck ad cleavage. This also provides the necessary sun protection. The POWER C+ treatment leaves the skin observably hydrated, regenerated and glowing, and the skin tone leveled.

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