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Repêchage® (available in Kandara) is brand which uses the extraordinary healing properties of sea algae and the highest quality of natural active plant ingredients. The safety and quality of the Repêchage® products is supported with many certificates like EcoCert, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO 9001 (highest quality of procedures). The Repêchage® products contain innovative and well tested active ingredients which guarantee affects even in fighting acne, rosacea or atopic skin inflammations.



R Repêchage® is an exclusive brand that has been an undisputed leader in the professional ecological algae based products industry for over 35 years. The word repechage comes from French and means ’a second chance’. The company’s ideology is based around giving the skin that requires effective and safe cosmetics and treatments a real second chance. Repêchage® is a combination of ecological plant-based ingredients and innovative, American technologies that guarantee effectiveness in the treatments and home care. The brand is a pioneer in promoting beautiful and healthy skin. It was the first in the United States and one of the firs in the world to introduce sea algae extracts in their products, which receive first prizes in cosmetic plebiscites until this day. The exceptionality of formulas, effectiveness of treatments and individual, scientific approach towards beauty is Repêchage® priority number one.


Repêchage® is a pioneer in using modern and safe ingredients, designed to bring maximum results. The products do not contain mineral oils (paraffin) or silicone. They are also free from harmful emulsifiers (PGE/EO), parabens, synthetic perfume or colorants, and are not tested on animals. The idea of the brand is a symbiosis of science, nature and holistic skin care. The certificates held by the brand are a guarantee of safe, effective and bio-compatible ingredients for the skin. GMP guarantees safety of use and full control of the production, quality, storage and distribution of the products. ISO 9001 is an international system of quality control confirming compliance with the highest standards of cosmetics production, quality control and effectiveness. EcoCert signifies the use of ecological plant-based ingredients


Repêchage® has created a whole range of products rich in nourishing ingredients based on ecological algae. The Repêchage® algae are full of vitamins, minerals, micro elements and anti-oxidants. Their effect on the skin is detoxifying, oxygenation, restoring balance and firmness, hydration, soothing inflammations, anti-oxidation, illumination and skin regeneration. The ecological algae are fished out at the coast of Brittany in France and processed in the United States in concordance with a legally registered method which allows for all the nourishing sea ingredients to be transferred from the sea to the skin. 1 liter of Repêchage® algae concentrate equals 10 000 liters of filtered sea water. The algae have the same mineral, vitamin and amino acidic profile as the human body thus being a fully bio-compatible ingredient for the human body.


Kandara offers effective solutions for skin problems like attic skin inflammations, rosacea, vascular skin, polluted skin, youth acne, adult acne, extremely dry and dehydrated skin. The treatments dedicated to those conditions give a certainty of the therapies being successful. The combination of the innovative active ingredients and the experience our cosmetologists have in diagnosing skin conditions and needs guarantees beautiful and healthy skin.
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Zofia Piotrowska- Szymik

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